Yewande 103 Producer Development Course

Yewande 103 nurture tender, compassionate encounters with creativity. Founded in 2020 by Alexandrina Hems ley and co-held with producer Nancy May Roberts , we are one of the UK’ s only Black, disabled, neurodiverse, survivor and artist-led dance organisations . Our work firstly lives in our bodies . Our form of embodied activism is responsive and adaptable rather than resting in specific genres . We are passionate about enlivened, sensitive, caring and inclusive frameworks to ensure we meet our purpose to transform the landscape for people of colour with long term health conditions.

WORDS COLLECT IN MY MOUTH will be a public series of online events focussing on access-led dance production in Spring, run by Yewande 103. The series will emphasise dance production across creative industry contexts with an attention to the ethics of production. 


Supported by Cambridge Junction as part of the Vision Mixers programme, alongside WORDS COLLECT IN MY MOUTH events , Yewande 103 are looking to support a group of early career producers who will receive bespoke chances to reflect on the programme, dive deeper into dance production and receive personalised mentoring in dance production. The course will be delivered online in a relaxed roundtable format across a 6 week period combining four online public talks and events with 4 roundtable-producer support and mentoring sessions.

For further inforamtion on how to apply, see HERE.