US-Movement & Voice Workshop

US is a movement and voice workshop looking at our cultural bodies. In this workshop we will focus on being aware and experiencing our body language using voice and movement meditation and reflection. Issues of racism, white privilege and its impact will be addressed in a safe but actively engaged manner.

We are aware of how we are all impacted differently by dominant cultural values and that this impact is experienced and felt in the body. This workshop will focus on boundaries working with the intelligence of skin, use of space and weight body language.

Please be assured that we are aware of the challenging nature of this material. This workshop is a pilot and participants feedback will inform the next stage of this process.

Workshop places are limited to 8. The workshop will take place on Saturday 26th March, from 11am-4pm, with lunch provided. Participation is free

We are seeking expressions of interest from people who are interested and open to working through how the body mind is an intelligent source of information. No professional dance experience is necessary, participants should be comfortable with using movement and voice.

To register: Please email with your statement of interest and a few lines about yourself and why you feel you would like to take part in this workshop.
Questions can also be emailed to this address.

Bio – Sharon Murphy

Sharon Murphy is a singer, songwriter and performer living in the West of Ireland. As an Irish person with Caribbean heritage, Sharon has experienced the dynamics of racism in Irish society. Sharon has worked for many years with the Galway One World Centre as an anti-racism activist. As a composer, musician and songwriter, she has performed in England, Germany, the USA

Bio – Bernadette Divilly

Bernadette Divilly is an established dance movement psychotherapist working in private practice in the West of Ireland. She is an indigenous Irish dance movement artist using socially-engaged practices centred on the body-mind relationship. She advocates, along with a growing number of international practitioners, for the intelligence of the body as central to politics, governance and working with complex cultural divesities.

Galway Dance Project

Galway Dance Project is an artist-centered, non-profit dance organisation established in 2011 in Galway. Galway Dance Project provides high quality dance classes and workshops, as well as choreographic and performance opportunities for dancers in Galway city and county. Galway Dance Project delivers supports and resources to the dance sector and promotes the development of dance, as well as aiming to advance dance as a prominent and valued art form in the region. 

Research and development supported and funded by Bernadette Divilly’s Arts Council Agility Award 2021. Workshop organised and funded by Galway Dance Project through the Arts Council’s Capacity Building Support Scheme in collaboration with Galway One World Centre.

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