‘I Am Here Now, Two Can Do Summer Immersive’

June 6-10, 2021 (Sunday through Thursday)
10am-3pm daily via Zoom

How do we embrace our wholeness and nourish ourselves as dance artists? 

“Two Can Do, a duet exploring the deep connection between two supportive and trusting performers, has provided a practice and a way of life for us as artists. We are committed to distilling and sharing the tools of this practice with others to support them in holistically embracing their artistry and humanity.” – Bianca Paige Smith

Bianca Paige Smith and Eimear Byrne have worked together since 2015, when they met at the University of Limerick, Ireland. Eimear has been a collaborator and performer in Bianca’s work “Two Can Do” since its inception in January 2017. Bianca and Eimear have been working to deepen their understanding of how Two Can Do allows them to connect to the infinite creative energy that exists between performers. Their relationship and friendship has supported Two Can Do to extend beyond performance tours to community workshops and offerings that draw from Bianca’s influences of yoga, meditation, neuroscience, contemporary dance, and somatic practices. 

Together, these two artists will lead and facilitate a weeklong immersive virtual program centering a holistic approach to creative practice, for emerging professional dance artists as well as movers and makers of all mediums, in any stage of their careers, wishing to explore new ideas in community. 

During this virtual immersive, participants will be introduced to and examine ways in which to recognize and nurture creative practice in their daily lives. We have developed this immersive experience specifically in response to the impact of the pandemic we have witnessed on our immediate creative communities, and to the needs that we are seeing in the current and next generation of artists. 

Utilizing the principles of Two Can Do, an award-winning post-dance duet, we will examine themes of support, connection, listening, vulnerability, and surrender. Through the lenses of yoga, meditation, neuroscience, and contemporary dance, we will guide and encourage artists to ask questions, to trust their instincts, to explore their vulnerability,  and to allow themselves to receive what is already there. 

Sample day schedule:

Session 1, 10AM-12PM

Opening ritual 
Two Can Do Movement practice
Guided journaling & reflection time 


Session 2*, 1PM-3PM EDT 

Group discussion and reflection
Two Can Do Improvisation
Closing ritual 

*Afternoon sessions can also include professional development workshops and other opportunities 

Times and sessions are estimates and may be subject to change. 

PROGRAM COST: We are offering a sliding scale fee range for this program, ranging from $111-$555. Please review the enrollment form for details. We are also offering 1 full scholarship to this program for an individual in dire financial need. 

More information here - biancapaigesmith.com/summer-immersive