Surveys and Sound Baths

Choreographer Laura Murphy would like to invite women, and those who identify as women, aged 18 + to join her upcoming research project 'Womanism' as part of HATCH 2019 in Dance Ireland's DanceHouse Studios.

The research will take part over one evening on the 19 or 20 November 2019.
The evening will be designed into three parts:

1. Survey
Interested participants will be invited to take part in an anonymous survey. The survey will focus on the everyday actions contemporary women in Ireland perform. Questions will be based on our daily routines and activities, habits and choices.

2. Sound Bath 
Participants will immerse themselves in a Sound Bath hosted by Chloe McHugh, Sonas Therapy ( This is a restorative practice during which participants are invited to simply lie down and be "bathed" in sound. Chloe plays a range of ancient instruments and objects from around the world, using sound to guide participants through this deeply relaxing experience.

3. An informal gathering over a cup of tea
The evening will end in an informal gathering where we will take time to drink tea and chat, the chatting is not compulsor

Health Warning for Sound Bath:
This practice is unsuitable during the first trimester of pregnancy/ for anyone with a pacemaker or medical device/ or for anyone taking anti-seizure medication.

Date and Booking Details

Date: Choose either the 19 OR 20 November 2019
Start Time: 6.00pm sharp (no latecomers) to 8.45pm
Please note participants must be willing to take part in the entire evening.

Booking: or call us on 01 855 8800
Places are limited. Booking is on a first come, first served basis. Free entry.

You may also be interested in taking part in Womanism Research workshops on 29 and 30 November

What to bring:
Please dress in comfortable clothes and bring a bottle of water, yoga mat, warm blanket(s), cosy socks, an eye mask/ pillow and anything else to help maximise your comfort and relaxation.

'Womanism' research is kindly funded by Dance Ireland's HATCH award 2019. 

Image: Louise Phipps