Open Call: Springback Academy 2022

Springback Academy are looking for up to 10 people with a lot of enthusiasm and some prior experience in writing about dance. The participants will be mentored by a team of leading critics including Donald Hutera (The Times), Sanjoy Roy (The Guardian), Kelly Apter (The Scotsman) and Laura Cappelle (New York Times).

Under their guidance, participants have the chance to create, shape and share conversations about dance and hone their critical writing skills. Springback Academy is a fast-track way to gain experience and technique in responsible, effective, attractive dance criticism as well as to explore and understand the opportunities that digital publishing has to offer. 

Graduates of the programme have the opportunity to write for Springback Magazine and participate in other Springback events through the year such as the Assembly.  

Find full application details here and application link here:

For enquiries, please contact: Springback Academy director Oonagh Duckworth