Salsa Dublin Christmas Charity Event

This December at Salsa Dublin, the theme for our Christmas Party is ‘Dancer’s Save Christmas'.

Join them to make our Christmas magical. This year they want to recognise how lucky we all are – everyone who is a dance lover. We all share a common interest and history, and so for the friendship and inclusion we all experience all year round, we want to show our acknowledgement.

Dancing with us represents the good things about humanity – sharing smiles, making connections, helping people feel good about themselves and sharing a space we can all feel like we belong.

Salsa Dublin's Christmas Party night will be Free - all they ask is that you contribute what you can afford to those in need.

They have chosen this charity (Capuchin Day Centre) because 365 days a year they provide invaluable service and help to the people of Dublin with Meals Service, Morning, Afternoon, GP/ Nurse Clinic, Dental Clinic, Chiropody Clinic, Optician Clinic, Counselling Service, Clothing, Advocacy/ Social Supports, Showers/Personal Care, Designated Family Area and much more. The Centre is run by volunteers surviving the homeless community 7 days a week. Of all nationalities and cultural background. More information please see:

The Evening’s Events:
8:30 – Dinner We will be enjoying a sit-down meal with the team and those customers that would like to join us. Please send us an email asap if you would like to join us so that we can reserve the tables.

10.00 til 3am – Party! 2 Floors Salsa/Bachata Room. Kizomba Room
Shows will be approx. 11pm

Join us to make our Christmas magical. Free gifts of smiles and dances for all! (actual Gifts and games will also be offered on the night ��)
The Link of the Event:

Contact the team if you would like to be involved: 

Phone: 087 069 1508