Paper Plane Project

Dance Artist Slema Daniel, of LittleLion Dance Theartre is calling on all children from ages 6-18 years old to draw a picture of their families to celebrate family diversity as part of the next production, Paper Plane.
Draw a picture of your family doing an activity that you enjoy doing together. As a guide you can complete the following sentence:

'My family loves to .... together'.

You can use your own creativity to draw your family, you can use, pencils, crayons, paint and so on, we just ask you to do the artwork on a sheet of A4 paper - the paper quality doesn’t matter and you can even use coloured paper if you wish!
Your picture will be displayed in our online gallery and some of the artworks will be selected to be displayed as part of the Paper Plane Dance Theatre Show (subject to funding). ��Follow this link to upload your artwork:

This project is funded by the Arts Counail and supported by Dance Ireland.