Open Practice with Selma Daniel

Open Practice, as part of Selma Daniel's Meath Move, is a series of improvisational-based movement sessions for all professional artists. Sessions will be an opportunity to work with guest movement artists giving participants new sources of inspiration and take time to connect with other artists while developing new connections and networks amongst artists.

These sessions are very inclusive and no previous experience in dance or movement are required. Artists from different art forms are invited to bring a selection of materials from their own discipline, dancers can bring a movement task. As part of Open Practice artists will be offered a time and space to reflect and/or work on their personal projects.

Solstice Art Centre’s Associate Dance Artist Selma Daniel is opening her studio/time to share her practice with artists of all art forms interested in movement.

Selma’s practice is based on improvisation and the use of movement tasks to create in the present moment, relying on the power of intuition, authenticity, and the richness of kinaesthetic intelligence. Exploring anatomy to better understand the mechanics of movement and engaging with our imagination, participants will widen choice, and learn about embodiment and composition.

Each session will be led by Selma with an invited guest dance artist

Dates, Guest Artist & Venue Details

Solstice Arts Centre - find directions here

Wed 28 Sept, 11am-2pm with Libby Seward
Wed 26 Oct, 11am-2pm with Aoife McAtamney
Wed 30 Nov, 11am-2pm with TBC

Booking: This event is free but booking is required


What to Expect?

1:30 hour - movement practice guest artist

30 min. - movement task exploration. For this session artists from different art forms are invited to bring materials that they would like to work with.

30 min. - shared space – free time/space for individuals to reflect/work on their own projects

30 min. – informal chat to share the experience