Online Dance Classes

We love that you can access dance classes from where ever you are!

Ballet and Contemporary

Our morning classes in ballet and contemporary take place Mon - Fri 10-11.30am.
They are desiend for a home practice with the professional / advanced level particiapant in mind to keep you conditioned and experiment with new movement styles depite the current Covid restrictions. 
These classes ensure there are no barriers to the continuing your daily paractice
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We have a number of workshops over the year to connect you with different teachers and ways of working.
Visit our What's On page on a regular basis to not miss out.
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Ballet for Over 55s

Each Wednesday our SIlver Swans class meets online to explore ballet 
This is an ideal class for those who have always wanted to learn ballet or those who may have done it previously and want to ease their way back in.
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Dance For Parkinson's 

In our dance for Parkinson’s classes, participants are inspired to explore movement and music in ways that are energising, fun, stimulating and creative.
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Classes Taught by our Professional Members

(Image: Katrin Neue)

Somatics with Katrin Neue

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Beginner classes

Taught by DI Member Mihaela Griveva, these are easy to follow dance class designed to free your mind and get your daily physical boost. 

Wednesdays, 6.30PM UTC/GMT+1hr
Sundays, 11AM UTC/GMT+1hr
More information HERE on joing the classes.

Jazz and Ballet Evening Classes

Join evening class teacher Lisa Tyrrell:

Monday's: Jazz for adult's 
7 pm to 8 pm- General Level 
Tuesday's: Ballet for adult's 
7 pm to 8.15 pm- General Level 
Saturday's : Ballet for adult's 
10 am to 11.15 am General Level 

Email: for full details & to make enquiries

Pilates, Ballet-Barre & Yoga

Tue 7.00-8.15pm Pilates & Ballet-Barre 
A Dynamic Pilates mat sequence followed by Classical Ballet-Barre set to Piano music.

Wed 7.00-8.15pm Pilates & Barre & Flow Yoga
A Dynamic Pilates mat sequence followed by a short Barre then Flow Yoga & Meditation

Contact: /


DI Member Yasmin Mello is teaching Pilates to Jazz, Mat work and Conditioning.

More information HERE on booking classes.

Sean - Nos & Percussive Dance Classes

Taught by Aneta Dorvota 
-7PM-8PM Irish time (GMT +1)
-Fee: €13
-Suitable for Beginner/Intermediate dancers of all ages.

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Free Digital Dance Classes for People Aged 50+

No dance experience required- participants can be seated or standing.

- Wednesdays 2-3.30

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