Nourishment: IACAT Online Symposium

A day of experiential workshops across all arts therapies modalities for professionals, service users and the public

About this Event

Colour, shape, form, texture, touch, sound, temperature, movement, energy!

The symposium is divided into a morning and afternoon session. The morning session runs from 10:30 - 1:15pm and the afternoon session from 2:15 - 5pm.

Each session begins with a welcoming and introduction space. Following this three workshops will run simultaneously and participants choose two to attend. A closing space will end each session.

The theme this year is 'Nourishment'.

Morning Workshops

Workshop A, Facilitator Olive Breslin.

This workshop is experiential and focuses on using the power of the breath and grounding into our own energy when holding space.

Using a combination of breathing and movement to go with the flow of life right now.

Workshop B - Facilitator Fran Byrne

‘Back to Being’

To reconnect with joy and pleasure in the body, opening the senses and exploring relationship to the environment.

We are living in strange new times as many commentators have noted. One effect of this is we can feel isolated, lonely, overwhelmed, or a sense of having lost our barings. These changes are not only impacting us personally but are shaping the larger world we depend on –

How do we find ground in these new circumstances?

This workshop is an experiential offering, an opportunity to take a time out from everyday stress and connect with the body. It is an opportunity to open the senses, calm the mind and connect more deeply with the ground in ourselves that is always there but often gets buried in the demands of everyday life.

This workshop will be based on Kum Nye Tibetan Relaxation. We will use movement, postures, self-massage and stillness/meditation to deepen our experience. We will also use specific exercises to explore the senses.

Requirements: Wear loose comfortable clothing, and create a space for yourself that is comfortable where you will not be disturbed. You do not need any experience in movement, dance or meditation just an open mind and willingness to explore.

Fran Burns has engaged with body-mind integration for most of her working life. Fran worked as a physiotherapist, and investigated mind/body emotional connections through a Masters in Dance/Movement Psychotherapy. Fran is a certified Kum Nye teacher she continues to learn from this form and enjoys sharing its riches with others.

For further information you may like to google Kum Nye or search Dharma Publishing.

Workshop C, Facilitator Vicky Linnane

Enrich, Nurture and Cultivate Creaativity

Let's get back to the basics. Using paint to explore colours, textures and marks. Unearth the unconscious. Cultivate any unused creativity by giving it space to be expressed without any judgement or control. Give attention to any positive words unveiled so to promote self compassion.

Develop a curiosity with yourself and nurture it.

Afternoon Workshops

Workshop D, Facilitator Nicola Kealy

‘Finding Joy in the Betwixt and Between’

A creative conversation around finding joy and how to use it to improve your life.

“By giving expression to our ecstatic nature, joy points beyond itself to something deeply true about human nature and purpose. In true joy, our souls are opened, giving our existence a certain fluidity, a sense of easiness.” Robert A. Emmons (2020).

Workshop E, Facilitator Sian Brown

'Live collaborative songwriting workshop'

Siân Brown will conduct a 50 minute live collaborative songwriting workshop where all participants will have the opportunity to lend their lines to, and create, a unique and original song in the moment. Participants will work together, under the guidance of an experienced songwriter, using a familiar song as a guide for structure and rhyming scheme while also using the theme of this years IACAT symposium which is 'Nourishment'.

Workshop F, Facilitator Anne Connolly

"The Selkie"

The Selkie story is commonly called ‘The Seal Maiden Story’. What differentiates the Selkie, however, from the Seal Maiden is that Selkies can be either men or women and the Selkies, unlike the Seal Maidens, experience a full body transformation when they come to shore - they completely shape-shift from sea animals into humans.

The objective of the Selkie Workshop is to briefly explore, through the story of the Selkie, how we can on a regular basis find our way back home to our essential self. The workshop is experiential and participants are asked to find a quiet space where they won’t be interrupted, bringing to the workshop a tea light and matches, a blanket, a mat or somewhere comfortable to lie down, a notebook and pen, and art materials of choice - e.g. paper, paint, pastels, clay. Participants are also invited to bring to the workshop one object of their choice as a symbol of support.


Participants can:

(1) Sign up for the morning and experience 2 x 50 min workshops or

(2) Sign up for the afternoon 2 x 50 min workshops or

(3) Come for the full day 4 x 50 min workshops.

Tickets : Morning €35

Afternoon: €35

To book both Morning and Afternoon (€70) please pay for BOTH separately using online payment

This is an iacat fundraising event and we are grateful to all facilitators for giving their time for free.