Movement Research Workshop with Mary Nunan


14 April 2023 | 11am – 6pm | price €25

Dance artist and choreographer Mary Nunan is offering a one-day intensive movement research workshop for professional dancers on the practice of Z(ERO)ING.

Morning Session: Movement Research/ Improvisation

The morning session will be based on an approach to movement research and  improvisation called z(ero)ing. Z(ero)ing comprises a series of tasks which provide for movement to be explored from a number of different angles. Z(ero)ing could be described as a technical practice but it is not a technique. The tasks are designed to support us to work as directly as possible with one of the raw materials of movement: space: to connect with it as a substance rather than an abstract idea.

The notion of collective finding is central to z(ero)ing. In the workshops we research the tasks together and discuss our findings. The collective is key here.  Dancers are uniquely skilled in tracking the ‘palpable-before-being-visible’ impulses generated by z(ero)ing tasks and also always inspiringly clear and generous in describing their experiences. Sharing our insights, questions, observations provides for our individual and collective awareness of the substance of space to be amplified. Then each of us, as artists, can do what we will with that!

Afternoon Session: Improvisation/ Performance/ Composition

In the afternoon session we will look more closely at how z(ero)ing alters the tone and texture of movement, how this can impact on experiences of ‘presence’ for the performer and the audience.

As part of this session we will also consider how z(ero)ing principles might be utilised as a compositional tool. Sensing into the possibilities that might open up when we approach composition from the perspective of ‘negative space’: the space in and between subjects. 

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