Matteo Fargion’s ‘Crossing the Stage’ & Other Scores Workshop

Dance Ireland is offering one scholarship place for Matteo Fargion’s ‘Crossing the Stage’ and Other Scores Workshop taking place on 9-11 August.

In partnership with Firkin Crane and Cork Dance Artist-in-Residence, Laura Murphy, this is an ideal opportunity for those interested in this professional development event but self-funding your attendance will be difficult. 

The scholarship will cover:

Cost of attending the Workshop on 09-11 August
3 nights’ accommodation at the Jack Lynch House beginning 08 August
Local/National Travel
Per diems for meals and other daily expenses over the three days

About the Workshop

A composition workshop focusing on what happens when ideas and techniques which come primarily from music are translated into movement. The sessions will consist of short task-based exercises, often using extreme reduction of possibilities to stimulate the imagination. Questions about how to find material, how to keep something going, what makes a strong or a weak change and other compositional ‘problems’ will be discussed. The workshop would suit performers and makers in any field.  

To Apply

Please send a short letter of interest to detailing why you are interested in the event, and how this scholarship would make it possible for you to attend. 

You must be a current Dance Ireland member to apply.  You can check the status of your membership or renew at any time through

Deadline:  07 July 2017 – receipt of all applications will be acknowledged by email.

We will let you know by 14 July 2017 whether you have received the scholarship.

Your ticket will be purchased in advance and provided to you. Your accommodation will be booked and paid for by Dance Ireland.  Travel will be reimbursed upon provision of receipts. Per Diems will be paid to your bank account in full before the event.