La Pocha Nostra Workshop

La Pocha Nostra’s Artistic Directors Guillermo Gómez-Peña and Balitrónica will lead a special 4-day intensive workshop at Live Art Ireland from April 7-10, 2023 (4 total days).

The ‘Pocha workshop’ is internationally recognized as an amazing and rigorous artistic and anthropological experiment in which carefully selected artists from several countries and every imaginable artistic, ethnic, multicultural, and gender persuasion begin to negotiate common ground. Performance becomes the connective tissue and lingua franca for our temporary community of rebel artists.

In this 4-day intensive, participants will be immersed in LPN’s performance art techniques and exercises with a focus on the human body as a site for creation, reinvention, memory and activism. This cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary and cross-generational laboratory will include up to 16 international artists. We consider our performance workshop intensives to be our most important pedagogical endeavors of the year. 

The 5-hour per-day workshop will offer two parallel processes: Participants are exposed to La Pocha Nostra’s most recent performance methodologies, an eclectic combination of exercises borrowed from multiple traditions including performance art, experimental theater and dance, the Suzuki method, ritual shamanism, performance games and live jam sessions. Parallel to this hands-on process, the group will analyze the creative process, the issues addressed by the work, its aesthetic currency, cultural impact and political pertinence. 

Who should attend? Performance artists, experimental actors, dancers, theorists, activists and students interested in the topics addressed by La Pocha Nostra. Ages can range from 18 to 80 years old. Applicants must have some performance experience and must be familiar with La Pocha Nostra’s work. The workshop is extremely fun but both physically and intellectually rigorous.

There are three different pricing options for people who wish to attend- find out more HERE.