Instant Dissidence SlowMo: Cloughjordan

Performances of SlowMo: Cloughjordan Saturday 13th January 2024, 19:00 and 20:00, Middle Country Cafe, CLOUGHJORDAN

Tickets: €10 and they can be purchased on the door from 18:30.

After the performances the Middle Country Cafe will be serving food and drinks (priced as advertised at the cafe).

SlowMo: Cloughjordan is a performance work which is created as two international artists (Slovenian artist Jatun Risba and French artist Clara Grosjean) travel from their respective countries by land and sea to their destination in Cloughjordan. For us the slow travel is not merely a way of traversing geography and saving on carbon emissions: we have turned it into the framework for creating the work. Indeed, SlowMo: Cloughjordan is also a participatory work: four Cloughjordians (with connections to the countries that Clara and Jatun are travelling through to get here) will be co-creators in the work. Those Cloughjordians are: Jeanne Merer, Sinisa Mesaric, Susann Huschke and Julie Lockett. Each has posted Clara and Jatun a letter recounting European stories from a personal perspective: about France, the former Yugoslavia, the former GDR, and England. As they make their way to Cloughjordan, Clara and Jatun respond performatively to those letters, constructing the individual choreographic gifts which will eventually comprise SlowMo: Cloughjordan. This is choreography as a travelling gift; as a series of embodied travelling postcards. The final presentation at the Middle Country Cafe will be a promenade performance: when mounting the work, we will ‘map’ Jatun and Clara’s travel route directly onto a journey from main street to the inside of the cafe, and as audiences you will 'travel their journey', encountering the different dance works/cities as you journey through the work. We will embed disability access in the creation of the work. 


Instant Dissidence also presents:

Performance and Ecological Practice Residency



Workshops on performance and ecological practice Live art & ecological practice with Jatun Risba Thursday 25th January 2024, 17:00-19:00, Parochial Hall, CLOUGHJORDAN Tickets: €10 and they can be purchased on the door from 16:30. Choreography and ecological practice with Clara Grosjean Friday 26th January 2024, 17:00-19:00, Parochial Hall, CLOUGHJORDAN Tickets: €10 and they can be purchased on the door from 16:30. After the performance of SlowMo: Cloughjordan Jatun and Clara will remain in Cloughjordan to conduct their own research into performance and ecological practice. They will offer the Cloughjordan community an experiential insight into their research via two 2-hour long workshops


About Instant Dissidence:

Directed by Rita Marcalo (she/her), Instant Dissidence is a socially-engaged and ecologicallyengaged company in the expanded field of dance and, more broadly, body-based practices. The company foregrounds the role that dance/choreography can play as a social engine: we are ‘artivists’ who believe in the power of connecting art and social consciousness. Instant Dissidence also resists the idea of art as an object produced by a special kind of person called the ‘artist’. Instead, its work is co-created in dialogue with (and at times performed by) non-professional artists, and is about issues which matter to them. Instant Dissidence’s work has been commissioned, programmed and funded in Ireland, all over Europe, as well as Canada and Australia. about Clara Grosjean Born in 1997, Clara (she/her) is a French dancer and maker, living between Lyon (France) and Amsterdam (The Netherlands). She first studied contemporary dance at the Conservatoire in Lyon, obtained a Bachelor in Performing Arts Studies from the Université Lumière Lyon 2. Clara has travelled throughout Europe, while studying at the Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School (Denmark) and the Northern School of Contemporary Dance (Leeds, UK), and Amsterdam University of the Arts, from which she graduated in 2022. Clara developed an interest for somatic and spiritual practices, as well as improvisation and instant composition. As a dancer, she worked with different makers, such as Guillerme Botehlo (Switzerland), Katja Heitmann, Maureen Jonker (The Netherlands), Thomas Chopin (France). She also collaborated with musicians from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. In 2022, she founded her own company, called Compagnie Sfumato, to creates choreographic and hybrid artworks. Through her projects, she attempts to widen the landscape of choreography, and look at beings with an holistic approach. In 2024, she starts a research project on ecology with choreographic practices. about Jatun Risba Jatun Risba (they/them) is a migrant Slovene transmedia performance artist whose practice cultivates reciprocity between species by altering & awakening sensory awareness through wisdom practices and deviant uses of contemporary technologies. Performative ritualism is used as a vehicle for unveiling the poetry and magic within everyday reality, in order to re-pair Nature and Culture. Art becomes a tool to spark creative strategies and mind-opening conversations about ethics and ecosocial justice that impact the way of inhabiting our inner & outer territories. Collaboration with human, non-human and more-than-human entities is central to their art which draws on ecofeminist art, performance art, conceptual art, relational art and the practices of abjection, détournement, art intervention and happening. Risba's work is informed by their lived experience of radical self-healing from Multiple Sclerosis (2012-2019) through unleashed dancing in public spaces (“dances of urgency”), guerrilla artistic interventions and a practice of different bliss-inducing techniques. As an artist, they have exhibited and performed widely, at the Prague Biennale 2023, at the Meta.morf 2022 Trondheim Biennale in Norway, at the Cloud 9 pavilion at the Bangkok Biennial 2020-21, at Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan, at Kersnikova Institute and Cirkulacija2 in Ljubljana, at Pixxelpoint festival (2008, 2019) … and gave lectures and workshops internationally: at the University of the Underground, at the Goethe University Frankfurt, at the Moving Image Research Lab in Montreal, at the Strasbourg University and at the Taboo, Transgression and Transcendence in Art and Science conference in Wien (2020) and Malta (2023).