i-Portunus Houses: Call for applications

i-Portunus Houses is part of the i-Portunus pilot scheme, co-funded by the European Commission, dedicated to testing diverse mobility models for artists, creators and cultural professionals. The i-Portunus Houses pilot puts focus on hosts, underlining their value in providing efficient residencies and working environments for creative individuals.

Are you an artist, creator or cultural professional looking for international collaborations, to go abroad for your professional development, to find new audiences, to present your work, to co-produce or co-create with others? Are you a well-established artist, or a cultural organisation willing to host artists or cultural professionals, to work together on a common project?

i-Portunus is a demand-driven mobility scheme that provides financial support and allows direct applications in cultural fields (except for the audio-visual sectors) via a straightforward and flexible process, from either: Hosts or Individuals

Currently, i-Portunus is implemented by two pilot projects, managed by two consortia of cultural organisations.

The scheme is open for the 40 Creative Europe countries + UK and offers a specific support for local hosts to team up with up to 5 artists and/or cultural professionals.

Throughout submission periods, a series of online i-Portunus Market Square events will be offered. The Market Square events are info and matching sessions for hosts, artists and cultural professionals to identify, form and prepare new teams for successfully co-designing and submitting a joint collaboration proposal.

More information and registration are available here.