Flora Fauna Project: Open Call

Flora Fauna Project is a production house rooted in dance and music led by choreographer Maria Nilsson Waller and composer/writer/video artist Stace Gill/The Sei.

Through all the work we do Flora Fauna Project wishes to welcome, engage and guide people onto a path of autonomy and empowerment. Our primary vocation is dance, liberating the imagination into play and collaboration with the body.

Dance is our instrument for change, and with our new initiative ROOM we want to highlight fellow artists who are inspiring our world and converting their experiences to the highest advantage of others (Buckminster Fuller). Flora Fauna Project addresses our growing disconnection with ourselves, the outdoors, with the wild and with each other. Our evolving practice and projects encourages and facilitates careful listening to ourselves and to one another. Through a process of guided dreaming and imagination, we nurture the space of the body, for all its stories, tensions and wounds. Our practice pays close attention to the body and leaves room for all imagination.  This honest exploration builds trust in ourselves and each other, and this new understanding and experience of ourselves strengthens us and our communities.

ROOM will be an online series of events/talks and an exhibition space opening November 2020. We will give ROOM to artists speaking the truth through their art, and we welcome you  all to a space for shared dialogue and ROOM to connect. First out we will highlight dance artists and projects that have a community focus. We are looking for artists and creatives who consider themselves both leaders and servants in our society. 

To apply, simply tell us about yourself and your work, no more than 1000 words (2 pages). Tell us about your thoughts and experiences throughout your career or practice. We are interested to hear about empathy, imagination, play, justice, social responsibility, the future, collaboration, trust, right relationship, mental health, healing, transformation, inclusivity, and individuality. In your opinion, what does a healthy community look like? How does one create/build/strengthen a community?  What is your role as an artist?

We will select 3-5 artists who work in dance in any style or other movement based practices. We also welcome interdisciplinary dance projects that may incorporate poetry, film/photography, writing, music, visual arts, theatre, etc. Together with the selected artists we will decide the best way to represent your work and ethos. This might be through interviews, work in process materials, visual content from current or previous work etc. We will pay each artist a honorarium for the time invested in this working phase. 

Flora Fauna Project is committed to equality and inclusivity, we welcome all applicants.  We encourage applicants from all backgrounds to apply, especially those who identify as newcomer, or who are marginalised in any way as a result of their identity or beliefs.

Deadline: Thursday, October 1st (Midnight, 11:59 PM, CET)1/10 2020.  We will accept 200 applications only, on a first come basis. Once 200 submissions have been received, this call will be closed even if we have reached this number ahead of the deadline. 

For full details: see HERE