Expressive Body & Voice Workshop

The Expressive Body & Voice workshop with Kate Hilder is a two-day workshop on Sunday 11 and Monday 12 June (with an option to do Sunday only).

Kate Hilder, who is a movement-based theatre practitioner, and a Feldenkrais teacher has been teaching and performing across Europe since 2004. This two-day workshop is for dancers seeking to gain confidence and skills using their voice in performance and for actors, musicians and anyone wanting to expand their physical, vocal and expressive range.

You will be invited to connect inwards to sensations, breath, feelings and imagination and outward to others through movement, vocal work and dynamic play. Through practicing simple, improvisational exercises you will explore different ways to integrate voice and movement. When using language, attention will be given to the sensory experience of the words; the movement of the mouth, the passage of breath, the pitch and volume of the sounds.

The workshop costs €50 for the two days, or €30 if booking for Sunday only, and you can book your place here.