Dublin Dance Festival in DanceHouse


30 April - 4 May, 10-11.30am

Dance Ireland Morning Class ENB
Dance Ireland
and Dublin Dance Festival have partnered to offer morning professional class to be taught by dancers from English National Ballet.

Pedro Lapetra , Company Artist, will teach class Mon 30 Apr - Tues 1 May
Begona Cao, Prinicpal, will teach class Wed 2 - Fri 4 May. 

These classes will be accompanied by pianist Nolwenn Collett.


TOP 8, Curated by Tobi Omoteso

Kamile Karpalovaite, 3:00pm – 4.30pm
Kamile Karpalovaite born and raised in Lithuania, is a battle veteran at heart when it comes to the art of battling and showcasing her incredible skill. 
BOOK: Online here or call 01 855 8800

Xisco Riboch, 4:30pm – 6pm
Xisco Riboch born in the Netherlands  is the founder of one of the best B-Boy crew in the world HustleKidz, which has gone on to win many word title. Here to teach an open level (Breakin’) class from beginner to advance ages 10 and up.
BOOK: Online here or call 01 855 8800



Christos Papadopoulos

Fri 11 May, 2-3.30pm
Founding member of dance company Leon & the Wolf, award-winning Greek choreographer Christos Papadopoulos leads a master class exploring group movement patterns.
FIND OUT MORE. Book for this class online here or call 01 855 8800.

Ali Chahrour
Fri 18 May, 2-3.30pm
This class by Lebanese choreographer and dancer, Ali Chahrour, will explore contemporary dance in the Arab world and movement related to societal memory, circumstances and history.
FIND OUT MORE. Book for this class online here or call 01 855 8800.



Sat 12 & 19 May 12 & 2pm

First Looks offers Irish and international dance presenters, as well as audience members, a chance to view new works-in-development by Ireland-based artists in a studio-sharings environment.

Ruairí Donovan
Archipelagic Thinking
Talamh an Éisc, an Íoslainn, Oileáin Fharó, Oileán Chléire. Working through Gaeilge and English, Donovan examines affect in both languages and the moving body. Ag gluaiseacht le capaill agus le míolta móra. Archipelagic Thinking explores shared cultural identity and migratory patterns of humans and animals across The North Atlantic Arc.

Iseli-Chiodi Dance Company
Merlin aims for a mix of animalism and finesse, in the choreography as much as in the movement. Filled with shadows, peopled with monsters, inhabited by an original soundtrack made of unknown languages and animal growls, Merlin delves into the ambiguous coexistence between our seemingly rational lives and our animal nature.

Jessie Keenan
How true is anything that we remember? Fragments of information, stored in different parts of the brain, connecting in the present moment to reconstruct an event from the past…what could go wrong? This piece examines the mystery, fragility and strange beauty in the intricate processes of recalling autobiographical memories.

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