Digital Content and Communications Lead

Yewande 103 are seeking an experienced Digital Content and Communications Lead.

Yewande 103 (founded in July  2020) stems from the past 12+ years of Alexandrina Hemsley’s artistic practice as choreographer, advocate,  dancer, writer, facilitator, educator and mentor. Yewande 103 lives as compassionate, embodied advocacy in action through choreography, production, artist support and mental health discourse. We are anti-racist, anti-ableist, trauma-informed, disabled, neurodiverse and survivor-led. 

The purpose of the Digital Content and Communications Lead role is to lead on, plan and deliver Yewande 103’s digital content, communications strategies and campaigns, in alignment with our organisational priorities and vision. We would like to find ways of increasing our digital engagement, we are mindful of the barriers at play in access to digital content, we want to continue to champion and strive for change in ensuring creative spaces are accessible.

Yewande 103 is  at a pivotal point in our development, having built a successful start-up over the past year, we are now looking towards the strategic expansion of our digital content creation, archiving, impact & engagement. We want to find ways to tell our story most effectively and we seek to increase our reach to audiences and participants who are marginalised within the arts and healthcare. Yewande 103 are committed to working across arts, mental health and social health care contexts and spaces. 

The Freelance Digital Content and Communications Lead will join a small, dedicated team of Executive Producer Nancy May Roberts and Creative Director Alexandrina Hemsley. We are passionate, open, warm and driven creatives and we look forward to welcoming and meeting you. 

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