Dance Ireland Open Call: HATCH

What is HATCH?

This is the third year of HATCH, an initiative from Dance Ireland designed to provide an incubation opportunity for dance maker(s) to focus on seeding and developing a new work.  HATCH builds on the Dance Ireland Commission Award, and is an enhanced, fully resourced, 4-week residency at DanceHouse in November/December 2019 in our Creation Studio.  HATCH supports a model where artists are valued and paid and where makers receive the support and resources they need in a creative process to experiment, develop and work collaboratively.
To achieve this, Dance Ireland is offering a variety of supports which includes a €15,000 award which covers artists’ fees and expenses.  In addition, Dance Ireland will offer in-kind supports such as advice, administration and documentation.  The artist will also engage with the dance community and other segments of the non-dance community as relevant to their practice while they are in residence at DanceHouse.

Who is HATCH for?

HATCH will focus on makers who require a nuanced and resourced environment in order to realise their potential, especially when the work under development involves a cast and collaborators.  This opportunity is aimed at mid-career, experienced makers who need time and space to begin the incubation process of a new ambitious idea.  Applicants will have created a minimum of three works (for stage, site, film or other) to date and the proposal will mark a significant development on or departure from this catalogue of work.

What to expect from HATCH

HATCH can be used to resource a transition period for a maker, which would not otherwise be possible.  HATCH is an investment from Dance Ireland in risk and exploration.  HATCH is not for the creation of a fully developed work for performance, but is an opportunity to begin a new process in a fully supported environment.

Application and assessment criteria: 

  • You must be a current Dance Ireland member and have realised at least three works in your career as a maker.
  • Student Membership holders are not eligible to apply.
  • Proposals will be shortlisted by the Dance Ireland executive.
  • Shortlisted proposals will be considered by a panel comprised of Dance Ireland Board, Executive and externals.  This panel may choose to meet with shortlisted applicants as part of the consideration process.
  • Decisions will be communicated by mid-April 2018.
  • Feedback is an important part of sector development.  Feedback meetings on applications will be facilitated by Dance Ireland Executive on request.

How to apply for HATCH.

The call is open from 08 February and will close at 12 midday on 08 March 2019. Late submissions will be not be considered.

To apply, please fill out the application form here and submit a provisional budget along with your supporting documentation to Please keep in mind the application guidelines (download here) and the overall aims of HATCH as laid out above when filling in your application. 

Further questions can be posed by email to Louise, Programme Manager at