Cybernate Digital Arts Residency

Cybernate is the first Digital Arts Research Residency developed between Ireland and France.

Ireland and France have agreed on a Joint Plan of Action (2021-2025) to strengthen and deepen relations between the two countries across a range of cultural, educational and political activities. Among the aims of this plan is to foster the digital economy and to jointly promote cultural exchanges, including the creation of several new cultural fellowships and residency programmes between Irish and French institutions. This new digital arts research residency project responds to such objectives. Ireland will further support the ambitions of this Plan by expanding its footprint in France, including opening a new Consulate General in Lyon. This reflects the increased presence of Ireland in the third largest city of France as Enterprise Ireland opened a new office in Lyon in 2019.

A Digital Arts Research Residency on Public Spaces

This digital arts research residency aims to provide artists working in digital arts with the time and space to interrogate access to public space through artistic/digital means. What does it mean to create Digital Artworks in the Public Space in the current climate of societal change?

Artistic-technical interventions in the public space shall invite the spectator to engage with the social aspects of the respective space. Questions that can be addressed during the Research Residency can be but are not limited to the following:

What is perceived as usable? What are the environmental impacts?
Where do we perceive borders of public and private?
Who draws these borders?
Where do we find non-places?
How do we move within the space?
In a post-COVID-19 context, which kind of conversation can we trigger between cities, artists, and audiences?

About Cybernate

Galway Culture Company will launch in October 2022 has developed Cybernate - a Digital Arts Research Residency in Public Space in partnership with Pôle PIXEL, HACNUM Network, CREW, the French Embassy in Ireland and ATU and funded by The Arts Council. The residency is produced by Culture Works.

The residency is funded by the Arts Council’s International Residency Programme - a pilot initiative by the Arts Council.

This is an online and in-person residency programme for three Irish artists and three French artists who specialise in Digital Arts and have presented work in Public Space or wish to present work in the public space. The programme will take place from November 2022 to March 2023 including two 2-week in-person residencies in Lyon (FR) and Galway (IE) respectively. The aim of this research residency is to offer participating artists time, space, and networking opportunities. A call for submissions selects the candidates according to the proposed project idea the artists would like to develop.

Galway Culture Company was established to create opportunities to engage with EU partners and local place-based programming which honours the relationships and builds on the learnings and outcomes of Galway’s Designation of European Capital of Culture. Galway Culture Company will bring together key agencies and stakeholders to drive forward a collective creative vision for Galway through meaningful partnership and collaboration. To ensure the best possible experience and time for artists Galway Culture Company are announcing this residency ahead of schedule.

Artists are required to have a good level of English as the working language of the Digital Research Residency is English.

Expectations Of The Artist

The aim of the research residency is to develop a project idea in Digital Arts for public space and present a work in progress at the end of the residency. This does not need to be a fully developed project. Furthermore, the participating artists will be supported with time, space, and networking opportunities. A call for submissions selects the candidates according to the proposed project.

Objectives And Expected Outcomes

The objectives of the research residency are to

increase mutual knowledge (ecosystem and capacity building, new artistic collaborations, long-term strategy) for the selected artists, and the sharing of ideas and best practices around creativity and digital practices in the public space,
enhance connections between participating artists and cultural institutions, leading to future artistic productions,
generating long-term partnerships and collaborative projects between France and Ireland for the future.

Duration Of Residency/Schedule

Selected Artists will begin their engagement online in November 2022 and finish their research residency in March 2023.

The research residency will include a set of online sessions and 2 weeks stay in Lyon (France) and 2 weeks stay in Galway (Ireland)

Online - Participation in online sessions including:

One welcome session
Two individual one-hour online sessions per artist with an allocated mentor
Three individual sessions with Creative Producers at Culture Works to facilitate project ideas and research
Two group sessions with all artists involved
One De-brief session at the end of the Research Residency

Residency period #1: 05/12/2022 – 17/12/2022 in Lyon, France. Residency takes place during Fête des Lumières with the opportunity to experience the festival locally. 2 Weeks.

Residency period #2: 27/02/2023 – 12/03/2023 in Galway, Ireland. 2 Weeks


Accommodation will be provided in each location, with selected artists living together where feasible.

Disciplines, Work Equipment And Assistance

Each residency includes:

A residency stipend (see fees below)
Meetings with local cultural institutions and production networks,
A curated programme of meetings, masterclasses and Three masterclasses in each city,
A pathway to support the realisation of the artist’s proposed project idea within the specification of submission of the open call.
Networking opportunities with peers on the residency and experts and mentors.
Curatorial and technical support as well as consultation from the team of Galway Culture Company, Culture Works, Pôle PIXEL, CREW, ATU

Studio / Workspace

Galway: Shared working space in ATU
Lyon: Shared working space in Pôle PIXEL

Fees And Support

An artist stipend of 4,000 euros
A one-time contribution to the travel expenses. Up to 200 euros are provided for travelling within Europe.
Accommodation provided in Lyon and Galway during the residency stay

Key Dates

13 September 2022 - Call opens
14 October 2022 - Deadline for submission of applications
From 24 October 2022 - Results of Call Communicated
07 November 2022 - Online Welcome Session
05 to 17 December 2022 - Residency in Lyon (FR)
27 Feb 2022 - 12 March 2023 - Residency in Galway (IE)
Plus November 2022 - March 2023 - scheduled online sessions as per above

Application Information

This call for submissions is addressed to Artists living and working in Ireland or France who, preferably have experience with projects in Digital Arts and in public space––in the form of installations, performances, temporary interventions or participatory projects. However, the main selection criteria will be

The proposed project idea and/or area that artists would like to develop and its feasibility
The artist’s experience according to previous projects
We also encourage socially-engaged and participatory projects that take place in the urban space.

Artists who would like to be considered as candidates are asked to submit the following documents in English (max. 10 MB) with the subject “Digital Arts in Public Space 2022/2023” through the application portal:

The fully completed application form.
A professional CV detailing recent projects, exhibitions, workshops and residencies (max. 2 pages).
Up to five examples of previous projects (realised in public space), that refers to the proposed project.
A work description (500 words max. 3,000 characters incl. blanks). For more information, please see the fact sheet (download<). In case special equipment is needed, you may mention this in your proposal.

All information needs to be submitted through the application portal online. In case of questions, please contact

To apply: Digital Arts Residency Galway and Lyon – Cybernate