Creative Costal Resilience Open Call

Creative Coastal Resilience project, funded by Creative Ireland through the Creative Climate Action fund, invite socially engaged artists from all disciplines to apply for the opportunity to become an embedded artist within the unique community and ecosystems of the Maharees on the West coast of Ireland.

This creative climate project calls for an artist(s) whose practice centres deep listening and co-creation, as we navigate the complexities of imagining and creating new perspectives and behaviours with which to relate to our changing world. The selected artist(s) will work closely with representatives of the Maharees community, supporting and reflecting the exploration of their current and future roles in adapting their landscape and protecting local biodiversity in the face of climate change and projected sea level rise. The artist(s) will join ten representatives of the community on a capacity-building journey, coordinated by a local steering group, exploring coastal adaption with experts and other coastal community-led projects to encourage transdisciplinary and holistic perspectives on pathways into the future.

As the role of an embedded artist is process-oriented, we do not require specific creative output at the project’s close, but we ask artists to consider how their artistic work could ripple outwards from the participating community members to the wider Maharees community, as well as inspiring and supporting other communities to create resilient coastal places. 

You can find out more about the opportunity here.

If you have questions, you can contact Zoe (