Choreolab Europe - Open Call for Guest Choreographers

choreolab europe is a collaborative artistic research platform for dance and choreography. twice a year choreographers, dancers and movers join in a 4-day intensive where we facilitate opportunities to explore and develop choreographical ideas in group settings. we aim to create a safe space where everyone’s ideas can be addressed, shared and reflected on in a peer-to-peer setting.

fall lab dublin 2022

we are inviting one CHOREOGRAPHER to join the choreolab fall edition of the 2022 - 2023 season, to be held in dublin (ireland) from 20 to 23 october 2022. the selected guest choreographer will guide a 3-hour lab session and will be expected to be an active participant of the rest of our 4-day program.


  • are a professional choreographer with the wish to research & try out a specific idea (for a choreographical project)

  • are open to give and receive constructive feedback

  • are willing to be an active part of the other labs and workshops taking place during the 4-day intensive

we would love to receive your application for the dublin lab. 


  • 200€ compensation fee/reimbursement
    (please be aware there is no coverage of travel costs – no accommodation provided*)
    *note: we can offer you assistance in organizing affordable lodging. 

  • a group of engaged participants, 3 hours of time and an apt dance-studio in a new context. you will be able to try out your idea in a safe environment, surrounded by peers who, like you, value exchange and knowledge through practice and active feedback. 

  • the experience of the full choreolab program, exempted of paying the inscription fee. each 4-day choreolab consists of 3 to 4 guided labs (including yours); a theory-based lecture on the poetics of movement; a workshop led by a local dance-maker and several sessions of playground where participants take the initiative to try-out their own ideas or deepen in the work proposed during the labs.

  • to join the growing choreolab europe network and profit from the promotion of your name as the selected guest choreographer of our open call for the dublin lab 2022.


submit your application by email, before 15 september 2022, including:

  • full name

  • website link and/or video material

  • dance education/experience/short bio

  • motivation

  • your idea/concept for the lab (theme & approach)

​You can email to:


the spring lab 2022 in dublin will take place from 20 to 23 october 2022 at dance house dublin. 


get in touch with us via 
or our facebook page:


View this Open Call on Choreolab's website HERE