Choreographic Lab with Colin Dunne

Monday 15 -Friday 19 May 2023

This one-week intensive is open for up to 6 professional dancers across all styles of traditional Irish dance who wish to expand and re-focus their approach to dance-making and performance. It aims to inspire shared conversations around where traditional dance performance currently stands in relation to the broader dance scene in Ireland. 

The laboratory will incorporate: 

  • Morning class and warm up focusing on the release of muscular tension in the body
  • A daily practice in improvisation in both movement and sound making
  • A space for sharing of ideas for new work 
  • Exploration of processes, stumbling blocks, and new ways forward

This opportunity aims to:

  • Stimulate the participants’ movement practice and imagination
  • Give meaningful feedback and support on the artists’ creative and compositional methods
  • Allow a space for reflection on and development of each participant’s unique artistic voice

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