Calling all Creatives: Have your voice heard for Sustainability

This survey is your opportunity to voice your needs and challenges in relation to environmental sustainability as a creative industry professional. The insights you provide will directly inform the development of a carefully designed and developed toolkit, to support and enhance your work in the arts and creative sectors.

Your unique experiences are vital in shaping a resource that truly reflects the needs of our community. By participating, you're not just filling out a survey; you're helping to craft a toolkit that can offer practical solutions and new opportunities for your professional journey. The aim with this project is to provide resources for creatives in Ireland - be they just starting out or making progress on their sustainability journey - to upskill and open opportunities for grants, sponsorship, and funding applications in the future.

Please spare 15-20 minutes to complete the survey. Your contribution is essential in creating something that truly benefits you and your fellow creatives towards sustainable practices here in Ireland.

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