Call for Youth Submissions

F-O-R-M's short film call for submissions is currently open, and coming to a close shortly (Deadline May 27th, 2022)! 

They are seeking short movement based films made by YOUTH (ages 15-25) and EMERGING (ages 26 and over and self identify as emerging artists) Artists to screen at our 7th Annual Festival in so called Vancouver, Canada. 

The submission form via their website makes it FREE and super easy to submit! Since the deadline is just around the corner, you can reach out to the team if you need an extension, they are happy to accommodate. 

Tthere are GUARANTEED screening fees ($250CAN) for all selected films! 

A little more about who we are / what we are looking for: 

F-O-R-M presents films that investigate the body in motion through curiosity, experimentation, and imagination. We are interested in films that creatively explore our personal lived experiences and how such themes can be told through narrative or experimental approaches. Cinematography, experimental editing styles, and post-production effects are also considerations that contribute and add layers to the subject matter. We invite proposals to consider the interplay between the camera and the movement, regardless of the form.

F-O-R-M strongly encourages and prioritizes applications from Youth artists, and those from intersectional and traditionally marginalized communities; Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, folks with disabilities, and diverse sexual orientations, gender identities or expressions (LGBTQ2S+).

Recorded Movement is the theme—any movement or dance practices, genres, or styles are invited. We are interested in how movement can be utilized as a vehicle for expression. How do you define movement? How do you portray this definition within your practice or discipline? How does this movement collaborate with film? We invite your ideas and concepts around the theme of Recorded Movement, and to challenge this definition as you see fit!