Be Heard, Have your Say

A number of organisations are surveying the dance sector to inform decision making. Have your input, have your say! 


The Arts Council has issued a survey for artists to broadly assess the impact of COVID-19 and asks about:

  • changes in work practices, work places and work patterns;
  • the financial impact of the crisis on artists in 2020;
  • the personal impact the crisis has had on artists.

In the context of the Arts Council’s Paying the Artist policy it also asks about artists’ experiences of pay and contractual arrangements.

It is a follow up to the survey we issued in April 2020 at the start of the COVID-19 crisis - key findings of which are published on our website – and which formed a part of our submissions to Government in 2020.

Link to the survey here.


Payscales 2021 – Collecting the Evidence to Advocate for Positive Change

Theatre Forum, the National Campaign for the Arts (NCFA), the Association of Irish Stage Technicians (AIST) and several of the arts resource organisations are working together to campaign for more sustainable careers for people working in the cultural sector in the post-Covid future.

As in the 2019 Payscales report, Heather Maitland is working with THeatre Fourm to collect and analyse the information gathered. We assure you that all individual and company responses are and will remain anonymous. Working with Heather, we will provide information about pay and conditions for freelance artists that you should find useful in your work and making the case for artists’ pay. They also compiling a report that lists the salaries, production fees, weekly fees, and hourly rates paid by festivals, production companies, theatres, arts centres and venues for a wide range of jobs across the performing arts. This should enable you to benchmark pay rates against the average and range for a particular role in a specific context.

Deadline to complete 31 May 2021. 

Link to the surveys here