Arts & Disability Connect 2022

Arts and Disability Connect round one is now open. The Arts Council and Arts & Disability Ireland are delighted to announce the dates for Arts and Disability Connect this year.

Round 1

Opens: Monday 14 March
Deadline: Monday 16 May at 4pm
Applicants will be told the outcome by July 2022.

Round 2
Opens: Monday 05 September
Deadline: Tuesday 01 November at 4pm
Applicants will be told the outcome by January 2023.

About the Scheme: The Arts and Disability Connect scheme is designed to support artists with disabilities to be ambitious, to develop their practice and to connect with arts organisations and arts professionals in Ireland. Funding has been increased to €120,000 which will be awarded to artists with disabilities through the scheme in 2022.

The 4 different awards available are:

New Work €15,000
Research and Development €5,000
Mentoring €3,000
Training €1,000

Application forms, guidelines, Easy Read information and FAQs are available at

Applicant support

Artists and people supporting them to apply can book in applicant support up until Thursday 12 May. This is for up to one hour of support either on the phone, Zoom or by email. During this time we could review a draft application and give feedback. To book applicant support email

The Arts and Disability Connect scheme is funded by the Arts Council and managed by Arts & Disability Ireland.