Arts Council Dance Artist Residency Scheme

The Arts Council are opening a new round of DARS applications on the 25th January with a closing date of 24th February at 5.30pm.

The objective of the Dance Artist Residency Scheme is to stabilise and support a network of dance artists in residence across the country. The scheme is specifically aimed at dance artists working in collaboration with an arts centre, festival and/or a local authority (local authority is mandatory for strand 1).  This scheme has two strands.

Strand 1: Full residencies

The scheme aims to:

  • Consolidate both professional and community-based dance practice in a variety of regional contexts
  • Offer opportunities to dance artists around the country to engage in a programme of artistic work relevant to their own practice
  • Offer opportunities to local authorities and arts centres to develop dance practice in their areas

Encourage the development of long-term planning and sustainability of independent dance activities.

Strand 2: Short-term residencies

This scheme aims to:

  • Support short-term residencies with a festival, arts centre or arts organisation
  • Offer an opportunity to establish collaboration and develop the place of dance with a targeted group of people
  • Consolidate both professional and community practice in a variety of regional contexts
  • Provide an opportunity for new cohorts of people to access high-quality dance engagement
  • Have an opportunity for mentorship with established dance artists in residence.


A new set of guidelines for this scheme will appear on the Dance Artist Residency page of our website over the coming weeks. 

Read more and apply here.