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Tara Brandel
Smock Alley Theatre, 7 - 10 September, 18:45

In a rapidly changing society, Circus looks at diverse experiences in contemporary Irish culture, through the lens of dance. Two performers, one live, one only in video projections. Playful, intense, poignant, irreverent, choreographer and performer Tara Brandel mixes street dance, twerking and contemporary dance, with aerial pole, and video projection, weaving diverse stories about masculinity, queerness, #MeToo and gender in collaboration with Nigerian street dancer Nicholas Nwosu who is currently a new immigrant in Ireland. 

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Luke Murphy
Project Arts Centre Space Upstairs, 7 - 11 September, 18:15, 13 September, 21:00

A live graphic novel presented through dance, theatre, and animation, exploring the roles of hero and villain in contemporary culture in an era where your 15 minutes of fame is often followed by a lifetime of infamy. In a world of Twitter wars, cycling news feeds and cancel culture, come explore the myths and legends we create, destroy and forget in the rise and fall from viral fame to infamy — all within the course of any given week. With a multi-screen installation by video artist David Fishel.

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Lucia Kickham
The Lir Academy Studio 1, 14 - 16 September, 21:15, 15 September, 13:00

Three dancers and a live DJ. Hearts pumping and minds calm. Tuning in to the rhythm. Preparing for the task ahead. This is a side of performance the audience do not normally see. This is the pre-performance, the warm up. Heightened. Pulled into the light. Exploring readiness and availability, the performers synthesise their intention into a state of collective balance. We aim to hide nothing.

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Rachel Ní Bhraonáin
The Lir Academy Studio 1, 18 - 21 September, 21:15, 21 September, 15:30

How far can the body be pushed before it pushes back? This dancer is primed for success — a flat in London, a flexible day job, trendy friends and the occasional gig go-go dancing. Her migraines are getting worse. But she just has to keep hustling. Any day now she’ll get her big break. If her breaking point doesn’t get there first. Told through theatre, dance, aerial and a healthy dose of self-deprecation. 

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Dublin Castle Chapel Royal, 18 - 22 September, 20:30, 21 September, 20:00 & 21:15

Witness a witch’s brew of disciplines performed with a mutant physicality: simultaneously brutish, sensual, ridiculous and vulnerable. See-sawing between hilarious and harrowing, it exists inside a fey world built out of vegetables, polystyrene and the kitchen table. A kinetic shrine to a lost parent and a frantic meditation on the process of grief, reaching for a shared catharsis with the audience. A collaboration between dance artist Deirdre Griffin and sound artist Craig Cox.

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Ronan Brady and Aisling Ní Cheallaigh
The Lir Academy Studio 1, 18 - 21 September 19:00, 21 September, 13:00

‘Just because something is impossible, doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying.’ A heartwarming story of friendship, ego, love and the joys of a cup of tea. With gravity-defying acrobatics, aerial dance, cyr wheel and lots of laughter, two of Ireland’s leading circus performers explore the realm of the impossible, where the possibilities are infinite.

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ballet project[d]
Smock Alley Tehatre, 24-26 Oct, 7.30pm, 26 Oct 2.30pm

Two new and original works choreographed by Lauren Speirs

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