Dance Days at Electric Picnic

Want to try the tango or bust some Hip Hop moves? Curious about contemporary dance? Then embrace the rhythm and get yourself to the first edition of Dance Days - dance workshops that’ll have you grooving all weekend long! Keep the energy pumping with some jazz steps, unleash your inner burlesque or stretch it out in a yoga/contemporary fusion.  Workshops are suitable for all levels and will be taught by leading Irish dance artists - Justine Cooper, Olwyn Lyons, Mariam Ribon, Ella Clarke,Junk Ensemble, Iseli Chiodi Company, Sibéal Davitt, Whynot Dance Company, Lisa Tyrrell​ and the Irish Burlesque School.

Now all we need is YOU!

Workshop places are limited and are available on a ‘first come first serve basis’. Please wear loose comfortable clothing and bring a bottle of water. Open to all levels.

Friday, 4th September
14:00-15:00: Yoga Meets Contemporary Dance: Justine Cooper
15:00-16:00  Sean-Nós: Sibéal Davitt
16:00-17:00  Hip Hop: Olwyn Lyons
17:00-18:00  Contemporary Dance Unplugged: Mariam Ribon

Saturday, 5th September
12:00-13:00  Yoga Meets Contemporary Dance: Justine Cooper
13:00-14:00  Introducing Contemporary: Jazmin Chiodi, Iseli-Chiodi Dance Company
14:00-15:00  Jazz Class: Lisa Tyrrell, Whynot Dance Company
15:00-16:00  Try The Tango: Jazmin Chiodi, Iseli-Chiodi Dance Company
16:00-17:00  Double Up: Mariam Ribon
17:00-18:00  Nouveau Burlesque: Lisa Darling, Irish Burlesque School

Sunday, 6th September
12:00-13:00  Let’s Get Physical: Jessica Kennedy, Junk Ensemble
13:00-14:00  Jazz Class: Lisa Tyrrell, Whynot Dance Company
14:00-15:00  It’s A Riot: Ella Clarke
15:00-16:00  Hip Hop: Olwyn Lyons
16:00-17:00  Contemporary Dance Unplugged: Mariam Ribon
17:00-18:00  The Roaring 20s (Charleston): Lisa Darling, Irish Burlesque School ​


Photo credit: Luca Truffarelli