24 Hour Take Over

We've invited our members do be part of DI 24 Hour Instagram Take Over. These take overs will give you a look at what our DI Members are up to and where their career is taking them!

Taking over 27 - 28 March we have Olwyn Lyons!

Olwyn's rapid fire question round responsed:

Most memorable dance moment: Performing in Sibéal Davitt's high tempo dance work, ' Surrender Navigation' at International Women's day as part of The Five Lamps Arts Festival. I will never forget the sense of connection I felt dancing on stage with 3 other strong, fierce performers that I admire.

What music gets you in your dancing zone: I listen to all genres  but I do always come back to rnb and hip hop tunes. I love a good,  strong beat. 

How many dance classes to you teach a week (on average): I teach at least 12 classes per week. I love how my varied job can be. My students range from 4 years young up to 99 years!

First time you remember dancing: As for most people my dancing days started with ballet. I have clear memories of prancing around the kitchen at home in my tutu and I thought it was the best thing ever! 

When did you know this was the career for you: I always knew I would end up working in a creative field. Even when I was young it was always performance,  art and drama that I was passionate about. 

Check out Olwyn's 24 Hour Take Over HERE 


Nathan Cornwell is dancing with Ballet Ireland in their latest production BOLD MOVES which is on in the O'Reilly Theatre, Dublin 22 - 30 March.
Take over: 19 & 20 March 2019

Nathan answered our rapid fire question round: 

Reason you dance: That gooey feeling I get in my stomach. 

Most memorable dance moment: I have too many to choose from. They’re all memorable in their own unique way. (And not all in a good way lol) 

Favourite production you have been in: Pass the Present by Bryan Arias, and of course Bold Moves with Ballet Ireland! 

Most incredible dance performance: Anything by Sharon Eyal, she is a genius! 

What are you reading these days: The Tattooist of Auschwitz

Music that gets you in the zone: I am a fan of many music genres, at the moment I a living for the CHVRCHES. You should check them out! Other wise anything with a deep base line that I can groove to!