Yves Lorrhan Silva Santos

Mon 22 Apr 2024 - Fri 26 Apr 2024
10:00 - 18:00

`Insider the Men` investigates the impact of unbalanced masculinity and patriarchy on the contemporary male body and society. This residency aims to carry out body experiments, culminating in a performance that reveals the results of these studies. Addressing the social expectations that dictate a rigid standard of performance for men, including restrictions on emotional expression and the perceived need for violence in relationships, the project seeks to challenge entrenched stereotypes. The main aim is to shed light on the enduring issue of masculinity restricted by social norms, leading to a reconsideration of the construction of masculinity.

This residency aims to stimulate reflection on how men, regardless of race, sexual orientation or physique, navigate and internalise society's expectations and stereotypes. To enhance the creative process, it is proposed to collaborate with two distinguished guests. Alessandra Azevedo, a dancer, choreographer and anti-racism campaigner, brings an Afro-Brazilian perspective to this work. John Scott, a notable figure on the Irish dance scene, offers insights into contemporary expression and guides the movements with unique access to emotional and artistic expression. Together, this collaborative effort aims to provoke meaningful dialogue and challenge entrenched perceptions of masculinity in society.

Join Yves as he showcases his work in progress with a New Movements sharing! Book in below!


Learn more about Yves

Yves is a professional dancer with 26 years of experience from Northeast of Brazil with experience in ballroom, ballet, contemporary and afro dance. In Brazil, with the dance company Bamberg, Yves developed a show called Balacoxê, which brought the impacts of African heritage on culture and expression of people of Salvador and how these influences are still alive today in how black bodies move. Yves was also one of the creators and producers of the 'Encontro de Salao' festival for three years, considered one of Brazil's most prominent dance festivals, with a structure involving more than 400 people.

In Ireland, Yves has collaborated with artistic director John Scott and artist Osaro Adams, whereheI was a dancer in the 'Birds of the Forest' reading performance; with artist educator David McGovern at A4 Sounds; as well as artists Alessandra Azevedo and Karen Aguiar. In the past year, Yves performed in festivals and events such as Kilkenny festival, All together now; Five Lamps Arts, Culture Night. Recently, he was part of Africa Day at Kilmainham and received an agility grant from Arts Council in 2023.


Alessandra Azevedo: Dancer and choreographer

Willker Araujo: Videomaker