Writing the Language of the Body

Fri 6 Sep 2019
12:00 - 17:30

This workshop, a collaboration between the Irish Association of Creative Arts Therapists and Dance Ireland, explores the relationship between body, movement and creativity. Through a dual focus on somatic experience and writing, the day centers on the creative insights which arise out of the generative encounter between the experiential with textual and provides space to consider and structure these ideas.

The first workshop, lead by Áine Stapleton will explore the unlimited creativity available to us when we connect more deeply with our bodies and the present moment. This session will focus on the relationship between language and the body, and will involve guided movement practices, creative writing tasks and choreographic investigations.

The second workshop, lead by Maggie O’Neill, will provide a generative, supportive writing encounter to further prompt your imagination, as well as structure your ideas for publication. This session will involve writing activities, informal peer review and dedicated writing time. Participants will be welcome to submit their work to IACAT Journal in its new online, interactive format, to be launched in 2019.

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Áine Stapleton works in dance, film and music. She holds a 1 st Class Honours Degree in dance studies from the University of Surrey, London. She was selected as Associate Artist 2019 with Dance Ireland, the national dance development organization in Ireland. She is currently creating her second feature length dance film "Horrible Creature"; based on Lucia Joyce, which will premiere at the Irish Film Institute in June 2019.

Her first film ‘Medicated Milk’, which is also based on Lucia, was described as ‘Brave, provocative and deeply sensual...A must-see’ (Film Ireland). Áine has curated dance and wellness events in collaboration with several organizations, including Dance Ireland and First Fortnight Festival of Mental Health. She is resident artist at Fundación NMAC Spain throughout 2019, researching a new project titled ‘alone as everything’.

ABOUT Maggie
Dr Maggie O' Neill has been Co-Editor of IACAT Journal since 2013. She is an experienced writer and editor; her recent publications include guest-editing a special issue of the journal Life Writing on the theme of ‘Women and Ageing: Private Meaning, Social Lives’, and a feature article in the Irish University Review on Irish writer Kate O'Brien and how issues surrounding heart disease and emotion can be read in the author's work. She is currently writing a book about how women writers of fiction interacted with discourses of medicine and psychoanalysis in the early twentieth century. Maggie holds a PhD in English and has taught academic writing for several years, including workshops for postgraduate students in the University of Limerick and Maynooth.

Contact for information : Dr. Maggie O'Neill, journalcoeditor@iacat.ie or stapleton.aine@gmail.com

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