Workshop: Aniela Piasecka

Fri 10 Mar 2023
12:00 - 13:30
Free- register attendance via MindBody

Aniela Piasecka is the receipent of an Eadrainn/Between Us International Residency. 

Eadrainn/Between Us is a new programme of creative exchange between Dance Ireland and Dance Base Scotland to provide an opportunity to connect artists across both organisations and countries, to share practice, and to develop an ecology of exchange and collegial support. This partnership is supported by the Arts Council of Ireland.

Aniela is hosting a workshop on Friday 10th March at 12pm.

Open to all - participants with disabilities particularly welcome and please let us know if you might have any access needs you would like to make us aware of.

This workshop endeavours to create space for exchange and sharing through movement, informed by the lived experience of chronic pain, offering a gentle space where diverging needs, desires, and sensibilities might coalesce to create different ways to experience the body in space. The workshop will be structured around guided vocal invitations based on somatic movement, Feldenkrais and breath work exercises designed to enable participants to gain greater consciousness of their own internal worlds to experience relaxing and enlivening effects. Participants would be encouraged to prioritise their own bodies and their own movement languages, through acts of noticing and exploring sensations, images and feelings through improvisation; creating a microcosm of creativity where alternative ways of being within the world are collaboratively conjured and experimented with. Aniela will share some of their research questions towards the end of the workshop and there will be a chance to discuss and exchange verbally together.

Places are free but limited so please book in via link below: 


About Aniela and the residency

During this residency Aniela will be reworking audio scores made during the covid lockdowns into live movement material. Moving inwards to then extend outwards, the choreographic idea rests on the centrality of the body’s sensorial capacity to experience itself anew by fine tuning and practising greater awareness through the exploration of specific somatic scores. Through this residency they will be looking to find a form of more personal movement that derives from a deeper authenticity of performance. A performance mode that is willing to bring chronic pain into the choreographic process and that can communicate more freely with an audience from a place of connection from within; creating a mode of ‘witnessed being’. This process aligns with overall ambitions to attempt to create a nuanced and complex counterpoint to the pervasive status quo maintained between ‘the healthy’ and ‘the ill’ and is invested in re-prioritising the performing body after a period of projects supporting others.