Tai Chi

Every Wednesday from Wed 1 May 2019 - Wed 17 Jul 2019
18:30 - 20:00
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Mixed Levels
Nicole Mills

Traditional Yang-style Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient form of exercise well-known for its soft and flowing movements. In Tai Chi we explore the avenues and thresholds of our individual body, mind and spirit through a regime of simple structured exercises.
We have an open and friendly policy in our classes. The groups are small (generally 6-8 people). Although everybody learns the same exercises, the primary objective is to cater for the student´s individual needs.
Here are the three pillars upon which we build our class:

Chi Kung
Chi Kung is also called "standing like a pole or as a tree." The goal in Chi Kung is to centralise the flow of Chi energy in the body, to quieten the mind and to improve body posture.

The Foundation Form is a series of linked postures specifically designed to circulate the energy around the body. Practicing the form helps to dissolve tension in the muscles and joints.

Partner work
Partner work generally involves some gentle posture testing. Posture testing fundamentally explores the threshold of our stability and rooting in a safe, healthy, helpful and collaborative way. Partner work heightens sensitivity and expands awareness. But most importantly, IT IS FUN.
Tai Chi Chuan is for ALL ages. Tai Chi Chuan can alleviate many physical problems, especially those caused by modern day stress and tension. It slowly builds strength, stamina and flexibility through the subtle realignment of body posture. Many people find profound improvements immediately.

There is no drop-in option for this class.

I offer on a monthly basis free Tai Chi taster classes in different locations in Dublin. Please check my website www.taichiclassesdublin.com under courses.

Teacher: Nicole Mills
My Tai Chi journey started 1993 when I searched for balance in my ballroom dancing practice. In 2005 my practice deepened and I began Tai Chi Instructor Training with Master John Ding in London and Germany. As a part of an adult education/rehabilitation programme I began teaching classes in 2008. I moved to Dublin in 2014 and have been enjoying teaching Traditional Tai Chi Chuan at various locations in the city.

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