Rocío Dominguez: 50/50 Residency

Mon 5 Sep 2022 - Fri 9 Sep 2022

Rocío Dominguez will in DanceHouse, as part of a partnership support residency.

Find out below what she will be working on:

"After being awarded the Arts Council Bursary Award 2021, I have devoted time researching what I have called “Steps towards myself” as a springboard for exploration. The idea for the original research started off as an autobiographical journey, but transformed into exploring concepts that go beyond my own life: memory of past traumas, distance, solitude, and empowerment. A clear set of ideas facilitated a productive and creative collaboration with visual artist Ross Ryder: we researched the possibility of creating a hologram effect on stage, giving the illusion that there were many copies of a person in one space. 

During my upcoming residency in Dance Ireland and supported by the Arts Council Agility Award, I will be coming back to the findings of that research to shape ideas and create my first solo piece. I will be creating and filming material for projections accompanied by visual artist Ross Ryder."

Find out more about Rocío HERE