Residency: Maria Corcoran

Tue 19 Mar 2019 - Sat 23 Mar 2019
10:00 - 18:00

This residency is a partnership between Dance Ireland and Dublin Circus Project.

Maria Corcoran (Catalyst: Development of Work)

Maria Corcoran of Circo Coranco, has over 8 years of experience in producing, performing and teaching circus arts. She has developed technical skills in balance, object manipulation and theatre. She performs regularly as a stilt walker, juggler, acrobat and unicyclist as well as delivering shows with ‘StrongWomen Science’, ‘The Quare Wans’ and ‘Fireflies’. She aspires to captivate audiences, transforming them and sending them away with a heightened awareness of their potential within. Her work inspires and empowers spectators as well as emotionally uplifting them. She is passionate about circus arts and endeavors to spread the joy that it has given her.

During this residency Maria will be developing her well-known character ‘Beryl’. She will work with physical comedy legend John Towsen to upskill and generate new material for a show. Beryl is a young-at-heart, 97 year old woman who doesn’t care about aging gracefully and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She is old and bold! Maria wants to use this character to promote age equality, remind people to cherish the time we have, appreciate the little things in life and stop taking important things for granted. She wants to empower onlookers and demonstrate that life is too short to be taken seriously. Maria is very excited to have this opportunity to work with John Towsen who has decades of experience in performing, directing, writing and teaching clown and physical comedy. She hopes to learn from him how to comedically marry her circus skills and physicality with story and character for new performances with Beryl.

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