Residency: Jade O’Connor

Mon 10 Jun 2019 - Fri 21 Jun 2019
10:00 - 18:00

Throughout this two week rehearsal Jade will work with the company sound designer in creating the fabric a new show 'WHITE WASH'. Jade will further develop this piece in a multi-disciplinary way with her Co-Director of Femme Bizarre - Kate Finegan. 
The show explores this idea using Dance, Original Song & Spoken Word, Sound Design, Live vocals and Film.


If those liquid murmurs got so loud that they bubbled to the surface, could we handle it?

WHITE WASH examines "Jam inaccuracies of female histories, wiped out and washed clean", " We need to air it, wear it, bear it, so we can take care of it".

"The basic premise in this world is that our mental cultural template for a powerful person is resolutely male". How have we allowed ourselves to be white washed? 

WHITE WASH was commissioned as part of the KFEST Music & Arts Festival in Co.Kerry with live performances by Dancer & Actor Ryan Lucey and Jade. 

The show is supported by a visual installation by Stevo O'Donaghue & Gary Cahillane, Directed by Jade with a beautiful performance by her mother Carol O'Connor.