Producing Dance: Workshop 2

Wed 13 Oct 2021
14:00 - 16:00
Online: Via Zoom
Gwen Van Spÿk

This autumn, we continue to build the knowledge and skill set of our Dance Ireland Members and the dance community through our Outside the Studio Programme: Producing Dance.

This year we welcome back Gwen Van Spÿk who will continue as our Producer in Residence in 2021.
Gwen will lead on three workshops providing information and guidance on the practicalities of getting work made and presented. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with presentations from artist and producers, group discussion/exercises and a Q & A.
The sessions will support artists in building a solid, practical foundation for their practice and maximising their chances of success.

Workshop 2

Dissemination, Distribution and Audiences
Wed 13 Oct, 2 - 4pm

A workshop that aims to answer the question: how do I get my work seen by as many as possible of the right people?
We’ll look at how to make the best possible connection between your work and the public and at the relationship between the making of the work and its presentation in the public domain. We’ll look at the entire process and time-line of ‘selling’ work so that it has a life beyond the studio and meets its audience; we’ll interrogate models for touring; unpick the different components of marketing; and get under the skin of audience development.
Free for DI Members and their Producer / €10 for general public
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Next workshop

Workshop 3

Presenting and Performing Dance ‘Off Stage’
Wed 17 Nov, 2 - 4pm

A session looking at the challenges and opportunities of making and presenting dance in non-theatre spaces including galleries, outdoors and on-line. The workshop will consider the technical, financial, legal and hospitality/audience facing implications of working outside a theatre; highlighting the benefits that can come with placing dance in non-theatre contexts and also putting the spotlight on and offering solutions to meeting the needs it can place on the work and the artists.

Free for DI Members and their Producer / €10 for general public
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Previous workshop:

Workshop 1

Getting Started: where to begin with producing your own work
Thurs 9 Sept, 2 - 4pm 

An introduction on how to transform your ideas for a show or project into reality. The workshop will provide information on the essentials of getting started as a self-producing artist; answer burning questions that commonly arise when beginning the process of making work; offer tips and tricks to help you avoid common pitfalls and stumbling blocks; and offer some tips for what to do when things go wrong. A nuts-and-bolts guide to embarking on a project for the first time.
Free for DI Members and their Producer / €10 for general public
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