Pilates & Ballet

Every Tuesday from Tue 30 Apr 2019 - Tue 25 Jun 2019
19:30 - 21:00
Please Note:
No class June 4
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Paul Clancy

This class is a fusion of Adult Ballet with Pilates and Flow Yoga.

An excellent class for Adults who wish to learn and practise the fundamentals of Adult Balletand combine this with Pilates and Flow Yoga.

This class is designed for people who have experience in Pilates/Yoga and who wish to further develop their training with dance technique. And for people who have experience in dance, you get the opportunity to discover how the mind-body-spirit technique of Pilates and Flow Yoga can inform and influence Dance.

Class is divided into three parts:

  • Mat work  
  • Ballet-Barre 
  • Ballet centre practice.

Class starts on the mat, a Pilates & Flow Yoga sequence for Dance.
Designed to stretch and lengthen the spine, focus the mind, work the core and prepare the mind and body for dance. By starting the class with Pilates and Flow Yoga something  has already changed within the mind and body.

Mat work is followed by a Classical Ballet Barre, set to piano music.
Plies, tendus, glisses, rondes and grand battement etc.
These movement sequences at the barre focus on isolating and releasing the joints, with the aim to develop fluid, graceful and easeful movement as well as strong, flexible bodies.

Barre work is followed by a Contemporary Ballet centre practise, which uses principles and movement sequences from both Ballet and Contemporary dance. Centre practice will focus on pirouette sequences (turns), swing sequences, jumps and allegro. Training in the centre focuses on flow of movement, weight transfer and momentum rather than form or shape. Thus allowing for a sense of freedom, joy and expression.

These classes are taught by Paul Clancy. Paul is a professional Dance Artist with an M.A in Dance performance and more than 25 years of experience in Dance, Yoga and Pilates.
Paul promotes a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in class where everyone is encouraged to train at their own level of ability. Paul firmly believes in an organic, body-friendly and contemporary approach to the study of Classical dance technique!

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  • Website: www.paulclancy.net