New Movements: Susie Lamb

Fri 20 Jan 2023
15:15 - 16:00

Join us in studio for an informal sharing from artist Susie Lamb. Susie is the receipient of a DI residency, and residency support bursary.

Susie will use her time during the residency to begin creating a choreographic score in response to an existing 30 minute spoken word recording, written and performed by her, with piano composition by Composer Sam Jackson. The aim is to fuse the spoken word audio and the new choreography to create a live solo performance for the Summer of 2023.

“The Waiting” explores the idea of being suspended in waiting and anticipation for "love". The piece examines the archetype of the princess, a contemporary interrogation of the notion of romantic love in its popular form and its implication for the power and powerlessness of the female subject.

Find out more about Susie HERE,

Attendance is free but spaces are limited to please register your interest HERE.