New Movements: Rob Heaslip’s ENDLING

Fri 16 Nov 2018
16:30 - 17:30
Free. RSVP to:

HATCH 2016 recipient, Rob Heaslip returns to Dance Ireland to present his latest work Endling, Part 1 of A Glimpse of Flesh and Blood,  a trilogy re-inventing rituals around Birth, Life & Death amongst the Gaelic communities on the North-Western edge of Europe.

Endling, the first work, is a piece of dance-theatre re-imagining funerary rites and customs.

The second, DREOILÍN, a performance gig celebrating life through ancient pagan festivities. The third work, GALAPAGOS will explore Birth, Re-Birth & Transformation.

Each work will be presented as a ‘Modern Mythology’, a retake on something as old as time, destined for the modern viewer.


An endling is an individual that is the last of its species. Once the endling dies, the species becomes extinct.

Endling is where dance, vocals, music, design and a mound of confetti reinterpret Folk Theatre to tell tales of funeral and mourning rituals, their chants, songs and practices; many now already dead or dying.
Rob Heaslip gives us a collision of popular and folk culture in a world awash with acid pink, green and purple confetti to create a tale of   collective memory and consciousness.
With an international cast of dancers, singers and musicians, in body and voice we recall and retell age-old rituals, customs and traditions from the western edge of our lands which diminish with each passing generation. 

Creative Team

Concept & Choreography: Rob Heaslip
Dramaturgy: Brigid McCarthy Charlton
Dancers: Marion Cronin, Maria Nilsson Waller, Evan Schwarz 
Composer: Ross Whyte
Vocalists: Michelle O’Rourke, Robbie Blake
Gaelic Singer: Alasdair Whyte

For further information:

  • Telephone: +353 1 855 8800