New Movements: Mintesinot Wolde

Thu 15 Oct 2020
17:00 - 18:00
Online: Via Zoom
Free: Register via Zoom

Join us for a work of progress showing online by dance artist Mintesinot Wolde (find out more here), following a week long Dance Ireland Residency.

Mintesinot is in the early stages of choreographing dance and continuing to research and focus on the development of his stylization as experimental work by using improvisation dance techniques.

The researches focus is to give a chance to the dancers to choose their way to express themselves, which can be in movement patterns, style, culture, their story, background and to reflect from their dance experience during the creation process. He aims to find mutual movement, motifs, and connections between the dancers, reflecting on what they discovered and choose movement materials to fit into the dance choreography; to tell undecided histories as a form of a dance piece. During this this time, Mintesinot will focus on recording different sounds within the environment (footsteps, birdsongs, wind, rain and use of any objects falling...etc.) and combining them to make a natural collection of rhythms that surprisingly melts into the dance piece.

Minte will work alongside dancer Roisin Whelan, and a production manager, Nathalie Wolde.

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