New Movements: Laura Macken

Fri 20 Jul 2018
16:00 - 17:00

This New Movements showing is a presentation of the work Laura Macken has created during her two-week residency with Dance Ireland.

Laura has been working on developing a 20-25-minute piece in the neoclassical style which focuses on the theme of connection. 

Under the mentorship of Marguerite Donlon, and working with seven professional dancers, the various layers of connection we experience in our everyday lives will be explored.  One’s own connection to themselves-their sense of self as people, and their identity as dancers, the different ways in which we connect and relate to others, and our connection to the origins of ballet will all be used in creating this piece.

Using music by Bach, the project will culminate in a New Movements showing on Fri 20 July 20th at 4pm, with dancers Eoin MacDonncha. Kate Haughton, Rose C. Hardiman  Pablo von Sternenfels, Fanni Esterhazy, Claudia Ortiz Arraiza and Yuliya Prokhorova performing. 

Connections is the recipient of an Arts Council Dance Project Award. 

Image: Ewa Figaszewska

For further information:

  • Telephone: +353 1 855 8800