New Movements: Jack Webb

Thu 23 Mar 2023
16:00 - 17:30
Free- register attendance via MindBody

Jack Webb is the receipent of an Eadrainn/Between Us International Residency. Join Jack for a sharing of his current research and development from his time in studio. We welcome you to join us for a refreshment after the sharing, and connect with Jack.

Eadrainn/Between Us is a new programme of creative exchange between Dance Ireland and Dance Base Scotland to provide an opportunity to connect artists across both organisations and countries, to share practice, and to develop an ecology of exchange and collegial support. This residency partnership is supported by the Arts Council of Ireland.

Jack is hosting a free workshop on Tuesday 21st March- book a place HERE.

Places are free but limited- please book via link below:


About the artist and residency focus

In this residency, Scottish Choreographer Jack Webb will focus on the development of new material for a new work called YES-INWARD-OUTWARD-NO (working title)

YES-INWARD-OUTWARD-NO will be a work centred around the concept of desire - the desire to listen deeply to physical longings and to say yes to and give in to movement impulses, rhythms and textures that are rumbling under the surface. At the core of this new work is a desire to engage in a choreographic practice that places total trust in the dancing body as a tool with which to communicate ideas to explore movement languages that are possible when desires are followed and the body is allowed to exist in an uncensored state and in turn, what does this reveal about the interior world of dance maker following their desires and how can movement and the body reach outwards and beyond.

This residency will be a valuable time for Jack to reconnect with colleagues old and new in Ireland with a view to strengthening and developing the cultural/dance connections that exist between Scotland and Ireland. Jack will be looking to connect with the Irish dance community to explore potential for collaboration, exchange and projects.

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