MoveMeant Workshops Curated by Tobi Balogun

Mon 17 Oct 2022 - Wed 19 Oct 2022
13:30 - 15:30
Per Workshop : €10 General Admission | €5 DI Member
Intermediate / Advanced

Dance Ireland Member Tobi Balogun will be in Residence in DanceHouse October 17th-21st.

This residency is focused on the relationship between movement and the development of community. Join choreographer and artist Tobi Balogun, and local and international dance artists, to develop new approaches for artists to create collaboratively, which you can take into your own practice. Workshops will provide space to reflect on how we present what moves us as individuals and as a collective.
You will have a chance to explore how topics are expressed in our work and how work can be co-created or made more sustainable.

As part of his Residency, Tobi has curated three workshops: 

Monday 17th - Movement and the Soma with Yamina Iyara

Tuesday 18th - Movement and Experimentation with Samuel Norden

Wednesday 19th - Movement and Expression with Tobi Balogun



Oluwatobiloba Balogun is an artist and dancer based in Dublin. Working mainly in Dance, Theatre and Fashion, his movement is rooted in a background training streetdance styles alongside Afrobeats.

Tobi Balogun is a Dublin based multidisciplinary creative specialising in dance and fashion. Tobi has garnered tremendous experience in styling, visual merchandising, brand consultancy, direction. Clients include Arnotts, Selected Homme, Reiss, Dublin Vintage Factory to name a few.

As a Dance Artist, Tobi is a professional member of Dance Ireland. With a background in Hiphop and other forms of Street Dance he has won International competitions and continues to mentor youth dance groups nationally through weekly classes and workshops.

Over the last three years he has danced and performed regularly in several projects with various companies including EMERSION (2016) choreographed by Matt Szczerek which was performed as part of OIL&WATER (2016), a collaboration with Cathy Coughlan (HAVOC), supported by The Arts Council and South Dublin County Council. In April ‘16 as part of the ensemble for LAOCHRA choreographed by David Bolger. In September 2016 he performed as part of the cast for TRANS-BORDER choreographed by Matt Szczerek in collaboration with HAVOC for the launch of IN CONTEXT 4, South Dublin. In 2018 as a founding member of Human Collective he performed in the new piece titled FABLE at Dublin Fringe Festival at ProjectArts Centre. The work was nominated for a Best Ensemble Award. In 2019 he completed a residency in Dance House with Human Collective, mentored by Elon Hoglund of Tentacle Tribe. Creating a piece to be performed at Dance2Connect, a 3 day Urban DanceFestival at The Civic Theatre, South Dublin, Funded by the Dublin Arts Council.

Within his work he focuses on evocative storytelling and the embodient of life experiences, and within his work always searching for ways to show new perspectives and express and heal through movement and film.

Currently he is in the research phase of a collaborative Arts project titled Black Canvas, focused on addressing expanding points of access for young adults who do not identify as professional artists, but have expressed a strong desire to engage with the sector; to examine the barriers for Black communities in establishing meaningful and ongoing engagement with the arts. Supported by Create and The Arts Council of Ireland.

ABOUT Yamina

Yamina Lyara is a movement and dance practitioner, multidisciplinary artist, somatic facilitator and birth keeper. A weaver of all that is sacred and a life long student of her own experience through the soma.

Through the on going study of various dance styles and movement practices her attunement towards the body took shape over the years. Deliberately moving without institutional training her quest for self-discovery and innovation in her own movement practice grew, as well as a continuous curiosity to understand her own embodied experience on a deeper level. After moving to New York to explore dance culture she based herself back in Europe, in and around London. In 2020 she took her self led studies to Brazil, immersing herself in various movement arts such as capoeira and engaging in eco and art community led projects in the states of São Paulo and Bahia. Throughout the last years she focused her time and energy to understand and build her own movement language as an artist, mainly through improvisation based practices. Whilst working and collaborating across the creative field as a performer, choreographer, movement director and facilitator. After a period of research based residency in London her current work in progress “Tongues Untied” was platformed at Kunstraum London and is now developed into a multidisciplinary and immersive performance piece.

Furthermore over the last 4 years she is predominately focused on the healing quality of dance and holistic movement and is continuously developing her own practice and crafting a movement and somatic based methodology. Her studies took her deeper into various elements of holistic living, exploring womb wealth, cyclical living, herbal and plant medicine and learning from various wisdom traditions / keepers of ancient knowledge. Currently she is training as a Somatic Coach and is facilitating one to one work and supports clients in their own embodiment journey. Her group workshops is combining her movement and somatic knowledge rooted in creativity and self expression. She also is training with the Red Tent Collective in the UK, studying traditional midwifery to support women and families in their rite of passage and to change the paradigm of birth as we know it in this society and bring back remembrance of the original ways of birthing life.

My practice and work is rooted in understanding and researching the interconnectivity of all things and the vast and intelligent cosmos we live in. I am in awe of our bodies and its technology, its innate wisdom and the compass it provides for us when we choose to listen. I’m inspired and informed by the primal feminine, matriarchal principles and our innate relationship to the earth and the elemental forces. All this informs the way I hold and facilitate the spaces I enter and create from, which always aims to provide an integral and inclusive container for boundless self discovery and expression. I believes in creativity and imagination as a tool to create new realms and through the home coming of the individual to serve and empower the collective. I am passionate about self actualisation and unearthing what is ours, to reclaim what has been taken away, to ignite our individual fire, and strengthen our instinctual knowing. From the uniqueness of our individuality to the connection of our collective spirit, we flow and grow.

My work supports the understanding of our multidimensional selves and provides a gateway to the spirit realm. Through my practice I am able to ground myself into who I am and who I want to become. It holds accountable and sheds the layers of illusion and outgrown data which helps me to connect more deeply and from an authentic place with others. I am, and we are. To communicate through our bodies is honest and necessary, to not only listen with our ears but our whole sense of self is crucial for connection and rekindling our true nature as humans. At heart we are all artists. When engaging with the work it allows others to enter a multiplicity of worlds and access inner realms. On its own terms its a space for meditation, for questioning, to dance with the soil. It is opening a portal to resourceful ritual and ceremony. It creates potential to change the way we think about our bodies and how we choose to walk on this earth.

ABOUT Samuel

Darhan "AYWATA" Norden, originally from the Caribbean and Benin, is an eclectic, self-taught artist and dancer.  On the move from an early age, at the age of 15 he joined the contemporary company of Heddy Maalem, which motivated him to leave his island for Europe.  He won and participated in many contests, competitions and events across Europe including the "World of Dance" in Spain, the Crossover Dance festival in Germany.

 In his so-called Experimental / Ecstatic style, he is not only inspired by dance but by all that surrounds him in life, from other disciplines such as theater, circus, contortion but also from abstract or hybrid forms.

 Currently in Switzerland for a company and to teach, he continues his work on the search for movement with his own company "Ankh company" where his work is based a lot on (dis)connection, contact dance, improvisation, staging  and the absurd but also to find simplicity in the complexity of his future creations.

In a spirit of experimental and artistic research, I accompany you in the discovery of "your own music", your rhythm, your flow.

Dance for me is a medium of research and personal development, of physical and mental healing, an inexhaustible source of creation and above all of experimentation.  A way to be present, contemplative and creative at the same time.

Together we will work from the feeling of the body, starting with the essential bases which then allow you to be independent in your search for movement: awareness of the body and the energies that surround it, anchoring, isolation, movement, change of energy,  musicality, taking up space.

Thanks to my experience, I know how to listen and will guide you towards confidence and letting go.  It is not about performance or achieving anything, the end is in experimentation and play.

According to each one we could surprise ourselves by articulating the research around different disciplines: dance theater, freestyle, dance of the 5 rhythms, gaga dance, acrobatics and contact dance.

We will be on the move on all styles of music, impossible to lock your practice in a particular box afterwards.