MoveMeant Workshop: Movement and the Soma with Yamina Lyara

Mon 9 Oct 2023
11:45 - 13:45
Please Note:
No external footwear allowed in studio. Shoe covers can be provided at reception if requested.
€15 public | €10 DI Members
This workshop is open for all levels / styles of dance
Yamina Lyara

About MoveMeant

The MoveMeant Residency and workshops were developed by artist Oluwatobiloba “Tobi” Balogun in collaboration with cultural producer Karen Aguiar and are supported by a partnership with Dance Ireland. They aim to provide space and connection for dancers and dance artists of different backgrounds to evolve and develop new approaches for their creative practice and future work;  reflecting on how we present what moves us as individuals, as a community; and exploring how topics are expressed in our work and how this space can be co-created or made more sustainable.

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Movement and the Soma with Yamina Lyara

*In this workshop we’ll explore Inner Realm (of Sensation) and Outer Experience (of Expression).

For the first part we are going to land together in an intimate experience of somatic movement and encounter. You are invited to explore your embodied and felt experience with a new lens as we are rooting into our nature, into our unique and creative essence. Somatically we’ll explore inner and outer landscapes, building and moving from internal alignment and inquiring into who we are now and who we are moved to become.

From there we’ll move into physicality and elemental world-building through guided movement methods and improvisation techniques to find new movement pathways in the body and in our outer expression.*

Participants are guided to enter this ritual of movement, intimacy and expression with an open and curious heart and come out of it creatively informed, nourished and embodied: An experience from the subtle to the physical.

*The workshop is part embodied investigation and research as well as highly physical experience. This workshop is open for all levels / styles of dance.*


ABOUT Yamina Lyara

Yamina Lyara is a movement and dance practitioner, multidisciplinary artist, somatic facilitator and birth keeper. A weaver of all that is sacred and a lifelong student of her own experience through the soma.

After moving to New York to explore dance culture she based herself back in Europe, in and around London. In 2020 she took herself-led studies to Brazil, immersing herself in various movement arts such as capoeira and engaging in eco and art community led projects in the states of São Paulo and Bahia. Throughout the last years she focused her time and energy to understand and build her own movement language as an artist, mainly through improvisation-based practices. Whilst working and collaborating across the creative field as a performer, choreographer, movement director and facilitator. After a period of research-based residency in London her current work in progress “Tongues Untied” was platformed at Kunstraum London and is now developed into a multidisciplinary and immersive performance piece.

Furthermore, over the last 4 years she is predominantly focused on the healing quality of dance and holistic movement and is continuously developing her own practice and crafting a movement and somatic based methodology. Her studies took her deeper into various elements of holistic living, exploring womb wealth, cyclical living, herbal and plant medicine and learning from various wisdom traditions / keepers of ancient knowledge. Currently she is training as a Somatic Coach and is facilitating one to one work and supports clients in their own embodiment journey. Her group workshops combine her movement and somatic knowledge rooted in creativity and self-expression. She also is training with the Red Tent Collective in the UK, studying traditional midwifery to support women and families in their rite of passage and to change the paradigm of birth as we know it in this society and bring back remembrance of the original ways of birthing life.

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