Members’ Forum: Cork Dance Initiative

Mon 18 Sep 2023
18:00 - 19:30
Online: via Zoom
Free- register attendance via MindBody

Cork Dance Initiative feel it is pertinent and useful for those who work in the dance sector to read and engage with policy and to discuss it within our collective field.  In the last while new policies have been published by the Arts Council, Cork City Council and Cork County Council (in progress).  Understanding how funding systems, government bodies and key stakeholders are informed by policy allows dance artist’s to engage, communicate and interrogate in a meaningful way with those who are invested in and shaping the shared cultural landscape of the arts in Ireland. 

Cork Dance Initiative propose to host an online discussion about the following list of inter-related topics:

  • As new policies are put into place how do we continue to engage with them and notice the impact they have on those who work in the dance sector?
  • How does policy shape our practices and how can we shape policy e.g. as an Irish speaker how does policy reflect this aspect of work and life?
  • How can we maintain conversations about dance with stakeholders such as funding bodies, local councils, dance artists from across the country, programmers etc.?
  • What small collective and individual actions can be taken to bring positive change with regards to resources, support and transparency to the sector and the communities we work with?

Cork Dance Initiative is an informal voluntary group of Cork based dancers and choreographers founded during the pandemic in 2020.

Zoom information and link will be sent one day prior to the event. 


Upcoming Member's Forum will be hosted by Rita Marcalo and Lapree Ncube. Details and booking information to come.