K-Pop Boy Style

Every Thursday from Thu 12 Sep 2019 - Thu 12 Dec 2019
19:00 - 20:00
Dance House
All Levels
Orna Little

K-Pop or Korean Pop is an ever growing music industry, bursting out of South Korea and spreading around the world.

BTS are the leaders of this current wave of K-pop and Korean Culture, taking the world by storm with their talented singing and impressive dance choreographies. But K-Pop has been around much longer than BTS, and with hundreds of Artists already breaking the industry back home, K-Pop dance has long been a staple and favourite of many dance schools across Asia.

Bringing this trend to Ireland is Orna from Pink K-Pop Academy. Trained in K-Pop dance by some of Seoul’s leading dance schools, Orna has intimate knowledge of the styles, training, culture and on-the-ground reality of the K-Pop industry.  

In this class (open to boys and girls!) we learn the latest dances by K-Pop Boy Groups in Korea! BTS, GOT7, EXO, Seventeen, and many more!

Meet like-minded K-pop fans, learn some cool moves, have fun learning your favourite dances and even pick up some Korean along the way!

All classes involve stretching, basic steps and of course, the choreography itself. Each month a different choreography is covered, based on newest releases and the students’ interests!

For further information:

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  • Website: www.pinkkpopacademy.com/